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Even with a properly installed refrigerated air dryer located at or near the air compressor site, the fact that your plumbing is exposed to the changes in temperature will allow moisture to reappear along this route.  Even worse is when the plumbing is allowed to sag or have low spots to drop around a structure or object.  This low spot will, over time fill with moisture, and perhaps compressor oils, that at some point will move down stream into your pneumatic tool, or spray paint application, all at one time.  The best advice to make sure this does not happen is to install a properly sized compressed air filter at the point of use.


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Filters - Installed upstream of air-driven devices remove damaging contaminants such as dirt, oil and moisture.


Regulators - Most devices will operate at pressures in excess of the recommended level. However, operating at higher pressures can cause excess torque, force or wear, and can waste compressed air. Using a regulator will ensure the correct pressure level, providing the best operation, extending the life of the device and reducing air waste.


Lubricators - Most moving parts require some type of lubrication. The efficiency of cylinders, valves and air motors can be greatly improved if they are supplied with clean, continuous lubrication.

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Quick Exhaust Valve 3/8" NPT
Quick Exhaust Valve 3/8" NPT
Quick Exhaust Valve 3/8" NPT
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