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Even with a properly installed refrigerated air dryer located at or near the air compressor site, the fact that your plumbing is exposed to the changes in temperature will allow moisture to reappear along this route.  Even worse is when the plumbing is allowed to sag or have low spots to drop around a structure or object.  This low spot will, over time fill with moisture, and perhaps compressor oils, that at some point will move down stream into your pneumatic tool, or spray paint application, all at one time.  The best advice to make sure this does not happen is to install a properly sized compressed air filter at the point of use.


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How A Membrane Dryer Works

The membrane dryer is a unique and efficient way to remove various contaminants from an existing compressed air system, and lowers both the dew point and the relative humidity all at the same time.

The membrane dryer is a progressive system of filtration media, designed to work with your existing compressed air system.  The membrane dryer consists of a unique four stage filtration system.  This system progressively cleans the compressed air from liquids and other contaminates.  With an automatic moisture discharger located under the second stage filter, any liquids removed will be expelled once an ounce of liquid is collected.

After the four stage pre-filter has properly cleaned the compressed air, the membrane goes to work.

The membrane, though a process of osmosis, removes any remaining moisture vapor back into the ambient atmosphere.  The result is ultra clean and ultra dry air, with a dew point reduction of -40 degrees, and a relative humidity resulting in the single digits.
Walmec North America uses a proprietary four stage pre-filter system to properly clean and dry the compressed air.  Then the membrane dryer further improves the air quality by lowering both the dew point and relative humidity.

Membrane Dryers Provide Unmatched Performance for Years!

The membrane dryer does not use any electricity and only requires simple maintenance of the four stage prefilters.  With regular maintenance, the membrane dryer will provide years, and years of superb and unmatched performance for the low initial investment and the affordable consumables.

When properly installed with a ball valve prior to the membrane dryer, the use of compressed air, is reduced to a flow only when the ball value is in the on position and the membrane itself allows a small sweep air to exhaust the removed moisture.

Its compact design allows for simple installation and will fit in the tightest of spaces, and can go around or into a corner situation if necessary.

As technology continues to evolve the use of a membrane dryer is expected to replace the refrigerated air dryers as a way to provide the ultra clean, and ultra dry air when and where it is truly needed at a lower cost to provide and maintain.

Contact us to find out more or to learn about our ability to create custom compressed air filtration and drying systems.  Read more about Walmec North America’s history in providing state of the art compressed air filtration!

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