.01 Micron Filters

.01 Micron Filters​

Walmec North America offers its unique four-stage .01 micron filter. This design progressively cleans and dries the existing compressed air down to an ultra-clean and ultra-dry level. Additionally, this four-stage design will remove oil or other vapors from the compressed air source. The standard automatic float drain removes all collected liquids from the unit.

  • Unique four-stage filtration design
  • Automatic moisture discharger, standard
  • Media-based filtration works at any flow
  • Available in 50 SCFM to 100 SCFM
  • Highest quality compressed air, affordable

The Walmec North America .01 micron filter will provide ultra clean and ultra-dry air. Its patented design will provide full filter capabilities at any flow rate up to its rated capacity. The absorption qualities of this system will protect and safeguard sensitive equipment downstream from the unit.

When the need for ultra-clean and ultra-dry air exists, the Walmec North America Micron .01 micron filter will provide the answer at an affordable and easy to use price. Please contact us with any questions about our .01 micron filters and other compressed air filters and dryers.

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