Pneuguard In-Line Filter / Dryer 1/4″ NPT 18 SCFM Rating Baker’s Dozen WNA 114



  • Bulk Pack – 13 units
  • Durable brass housing with 1/4″ NPT openings
  • 18 SCFM rated flow
  • Reusable
  • Patented 5 Micron final filter
  • Low initial and maintenance costs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Replacement cartridges available
  • Weight: 7 lbs
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[18 SCFM In-Line Filter / Dryer 1/4″ NPT]

1/4″ NPT In-Line Filter / Dryers – Baker’s Dozen

The Walmec North America Pneuguard In-Line Filter/Dryer will flow an amazing 18 SCFM. It can be placed up to six feet in front of the tool it is protecting. The replacement cartridge should be changed once a month. With a rating of 5 micron the Walmec North America Pneuguard in-line filter/dryer has unlimited uses, such as protecting portable tools, filling tires, final paint gun protection, etc.

With a very durable and rugged brass housing the Pneuguard in-line filter/dryer may be the last compressed filter you will ever need. It comes with 1⁄4″ or 3 ⁄8″ NPT Female ends that can be fitted to your equipment or hoses.

Replacement Cartridges Available